Why I shouldn’t Say this to Other People

Ever since I was a kid I would be the type of person that would just say whatever came to mind as it came to mind, especially if I thought it was funny. What I later found out is that it is not, at all funny, because it would always come out in a way that would hurt people’s feelings. It is not my fault that people can never read my tone as sarcastic, or realize that whatever it is that I just said is meant to be taken in a lighthearted manner that does not necessarily mean to offend (unless your name starts with a “J,” obviously). So, what I decided is in order to preserve people’s feelings in the moment, I am going to try and filter myself through the existence of this site, and share what I was thinking or wanted to say here, so that I can hurt somebody’s feelings after the fact.

I think this could be a good plan so that I can potentially avoid the awkward conversation of them getting mad at me, because I am mature, and then everybody can know that Jason is an asshole who goes around with a machete and a hockey mask and expects people to think he’s a fun guy for it (Freddy is much more huggable).This should be a good plan, as I twist every situation and stretch most truths so that people will be on my side in any argument, and then if I get any readership at all, they can just yell at you over the internet. Don’t believe me? Check some internet comments sometime, hopefully even the comments underneath this post.

So, that’s what this is going to be, just the random, rambling thoughts of a newly graduated millennial currently searching for a job in a market that is not entirely fond of millennials who write blogs whining about their entitlement. I hope that I don’t do anything that could make people angry with me, but also if I do it’s not like it will affect me in any significant way that could potentially harm me in the slightest. Wish me luck world, or drop into the ocean, I don’t care either way.

Garrett Eicher, Entitled Millennial.


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